With this reference Duo Stefaneli from Circus Funtasia would like to express our satisfaction of photography service from Dan Foster. We are extremely pleased wit the high level of professionalism when receiving his photos. It is very easy to see how good he succeeded to catch the exact moments of our circus acts. Dan Foster is a well known photographer among UK circuses and it was a real pleasure to have him over at Circus Funtasia in Scunthorpe. Duo Stefaneli – Circus Funtasia.
Crosscut Media
Dan responded well to our brief and we felt more than confident with him working independently within a range of environments whilst we worked on other aspects of the project. The nature of this particular contract meant erratic and irregular working times making communication extremely important. Dan was always extremely punctual and went out of his way to ensure he was performing to the best of his ability. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Dan for any position and wish him all the best for the future. Dan Flanders – Crosscut Media
Charles Chipperfield Circus
It was lovely to have Dan come down and do the photo shoot for the circus, He also did a personal photo shoot for myself and took plenty of shots on the apperatus. I work on and off and the photo’s were of very professional quality and just what i wanted. He made sure lighting was correct and had different lenses and flashes to create different affects, He knew what he was doing and what he wanted out of each photo. Thank you very much for coming down and doing the shoot, I would definitely recommend him. Gemma Stanyer – Charles Chipperfield Circus
Thomas Chipperfield
“Excellent work! Great to see so many of my friends shown so well in Dan’s photography. Cannot recommend enough. Thomas Chipperfield

Great Photography, Highly recommended

Hayley Gandey


First class service delivered!

Amanda & Rusty Russell